Markal CA.003

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Markal CA.003 is an electric arc engraver designed to mark conductive metal surfaces. With 100 arcs/second the arc engraver will leave a highly visible, permanent black mark that can outlast crayon or paint marks. Spare part information is available in the Product Details tab. 


Burns deeply into the conductive metals using a 40 watt arc strength and 100 arcs/second for bold, permanent marks

Produces an accurate mark and, unlike crayons or paint, will not smear, crack, peel or chip

Engraving marks are unaffected by weather and UV-light for long-lasting identification

Fill in the deep marks for increased visibility with Markal Lacquer-Stik®

Other electrodes available in 1 mm, 1. 3 mm, and 1.5 mm sizes for precise mark widths

Carrying case included for easy storage and transport

Product includes: 12-15V transformer, engraver, pack of ten 1 mm electrodes, conductive plate receptacle and carrying case

One year parts and labor warranty

Spare part information is available in the Product Details tab

Fast repairs made at LA-CO Industries Europe S.A.S. facility


Maintenance repair operations
Industrial manufacturing
Automotive and other transportation
Security and theft prevention
Quality control


All conductive metals


50421003    CA.003
50400000    Transformer
50421001    Electric arc marking pen
50422011    Contact plate
50422010    10 Electrodes 1.0 mm
50422013    10 Electrodes 1.3 mm
50422015    10 Electrodes 1.5 mm  

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