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Unimix White 7105

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FST Unimix 7105 

FST Unimix 7105 is a newly developed, injectable fibre compound consisting of PTFE fibres and particles as well as a high-performance lubricant. 

With end rings made from FST Arolan 6215 or FST Unichem 6313, this packing is ideal for use against ab rasive media and also for run-in shafts. Due to the injectability, it is also possible to refill the packing mass during pump operation and thus avoid down-times. 

Compared to other compounds, FST Unimix 7105 is resistant over the entire pH range from 0 to 14 and due to the shorter fibre lengths, more homogenous and simple to inject.

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Injectable compound for continuously running rotary pumps

Abrasive media in pumps and mixer applications.  

Application Limits
P 25 bar 1
75 bar 2*
362 psi 1
1071 psi 2*
T -100..+250(C                      -22..+248(F                      
V 10 m/s 2000 ft/min
pH        0..14 0..14

1 Pumps     2 Valves

When delivered, the density of the compound is approx. 1,5 g/cm³ (1 kg ≈ 0,65 l).

Product advantages 
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Low leakage
  • No down-times.



Cold and hot water, solutions containing solid particles, oils, greases, solvents, foodstuffs.

UNIMIX is a newly developed injectable  compound, manufactured from PTFE fibres and solids with a high duty lubricant. Used with end rings of Arolan 6215, Flexalon 6250 or Unichem 6313 UNIMIX is ideal for sealing against abrasive media as well as on damaged shaft surfaces. The injection method of installation allows the pump to be packed during operation, thus minimising downtime. Unlike other injectable compounds UNIMIX covers a pH range of 0-14 and its shorter fibre lengths make it more homogenous and easier to install.

For best installation use the FST Injection Pump 7515.

Short fibres compared to competition Ensures easier injection and better seal effect
0…14 pH range, unlike competition Can be used in wider range of chemical media    
Pump can be packed during operation          Minimises downtime for customer


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Temp. min.
Temp. max.
pH-Wert min.
pH 0
pH-Wert max.
pH 14
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