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Unival 6323 Stopbuspakking

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Product description

FST G-Spezial I is made of temperature resistant, flexible braided graphite yarns each of which is reinforced with a very thin Inconel wire. The packing  is additionally treated with a corrosion inhibitor.

This highly pressure-resistant braided packing has the same excellent sealing effect as pure graphite rings wound from strip material and has the added advantage for variable use in the area of repair and service.

FST G-Spezial I has a fire test approval according to API 589 Rev. 2. For gaps greater than 0,2 mm, the use of FST Carbosteam 6550 as ex trusion protection is recommended. 


Minimale afname van het product is 2.

Product advantages
  • High temperature and chemical resistance 
  • Very low leakage
  • High pressure resistance 
  • Fast repair for a whole variety of valve dimensions

Universal repair packing for all valve applications.


FST G-Spezial I has a fire test approval accordingto API 589 Rev. 2.For gaps greater than 0,2 mm, the use of FST Carbo-steam 6550 as ex trusion protection is recommended.

Operating conditions 

             Operating pressure             


           pH value            

450 bar


–200 … +450 °C 1) 

 1 … 14 

–200 … +550 °C 2) 

1) the majority of media and air 
2) steam

Hot water, steam, gases, oils, acids and alkalis. Exceptions: strongly oxidising acids such as sulphuric and nitric acid in high concentrations.

Einsatz für Ventile
Temp. min.
Temp. max.
pH-Wert min.
pH 1
pH-Wert max.
pH 14
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